We'd love to see you  in person or online.


Our 2019 Audition Tour is over. Please check back for information regarding the 2020 Audition Tour.


Live auditions are now over for 2019

We require an audition for admission into our Ballet, Contemporary, and Jazz Intensives. We host a National Audition Tour each year to see dancers for these three intensives . Dancers choose on the audition application which Intensive program they wish to be considered, and we welcome each dancer to apply for all three programs. The audition fee is a flat, non-refundable $40 for all Live and Video auditions. We highly encourage all dancers to pre-register for Live auditions online.

online video audition

If a dancer is unable to attend a Live audition, he or she may submit an online video application. We consider these as equal to a Live audition. Please review the application for details on how to submit a video and what to include in the application. 

Click here for Video Audition Application


Ballet Intensive: 11 & up

Contemporary Intensive: 11 & up

Jazz Intensive: 9 & up

*Dancers must meet the age requirement by the first day of the intensive.


The 2019 scholarship application is now closed.

All correspondence and award agreements will be generated from the personal information submitted. Please be sure to accept emails from SCSummerDance@gmail.com to receive award information.


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