Frequently Asked Questions


What is the process for auditioning for the SC Summer Dance Conservatory?

A Live or Video audition is required for consideration for any program. Please take a look at our National Audition Tour and select a location. We encourage online pre-registrations. If a dancer cannot make it to a Live audition we highly encourage submitting an online Video audition. We place equal consideration on Live and Video auditions. 


What are the age limits?

Ballet Intensive: 11 & up

Jazz & Contemporary Intensive: 9 & up


Is the online audition application required for the LIVE audition tour?

No, but it is strongly recommended. The $40 non-refundable fee can be paid online ahead of time or with cash, check, or money order day of. Please make checks out to SC Summer Dance Conservatory.


How can I audition if I cannot make it to a live audition class?

We happily accept video audition applications online, and recommend that all videos be sent in by April 15th.


When will I receive my audition results?

You will receive a decision letter in the mail within 3 weeks of the audition date.



How do I register after receiving my acceptance letter?

Please use the appropriate program form on our website to register. There will be a link to an online form where you may register and make a registration payment.


When does registration open?

Registration will be open on our website by the time you receive your acceptance letter.


Is there a registration fee?

Yes, we have a $150 non-refundable registration fee for our Ballet and Contemporary Intensives which holds your dancer’s spot in the program. We have a $75 registration fee for our Jazz Intensive.


What is your refund policy for tuition fees?

The SC Summer Dance Conservatory does not issue refunds, credit, or transfers at any time for missed classes, withdrawal, or dismissal from the program. Full or partial refunds may be given if a dancer sustains a significant injury. Medical documentation is required.


What is included in the tuition fees?

Commuters: tuition includes all class fees and lunch each day.

Residents: tuition includes all class fees, all meals, and housing.


Are there any required evening or weekend activities?

We offer optional field trips for both residential and commuter dancers. The form for these is within the registration link on our website. We also ask that evenings and weekends for the duration of the program be reserved for other activities such as additional rehearsals, seminars, etc. We will give notice prior to additionally scheduled activities.


Are field trips required for residential dancers?

No. Field trips are optional but if a residential dancer will not be participating on a field trip they will need to be signed out during that time by a guardian.


May commuting dancers join the field trips?

Yes, we are happy to welcome commuters to any of our scheduled field trips.


Are field trips included in tuition?

No, field trips are optional and are therefore an add-on to tuition fees. No refunds are given for field trips.


Do you offer any merchandise or videos of the performance?

Yes, we have an area on the registration form to select if you would  like to order a SC Summer Dance Conservatory shirt or a DVD of the performance. These are also add-on costs to the tuition fees.


What forms are required for participation in the program?

  • Consent & Waiver form

  • Health form with proof of insurance

  • Rx & Medications form

  • Participation Guidelines

All paperwork must be submitted prior to the start of the program. Students may not participate in class if any required paperwork is missing.



May we begin the program late or leave early if we have a scheduling conflict?

Preferably dancers will participate in every class for the entire duration of the intensive, and always be ontime. Classes are structured to improve technical and artistic ability and are followed by rehearsal periods in preparation for the end-of-program performance. If we need to make accommodation we will asses on a case-by-case basis.


Where can I find policies on the program?

Please see our Participation Guidelines form in the registration application.


Can you provide transportation from the airport?

Yes, we will provide transportation from the CAE airport if needed, with the completion of the airport transportation form and payment of the $20 fee.


Where do classes take place?

Classes are held at the University of South Carolina Dance Studios at address 324 Sumter Street, Columbia, SC 29208 and at Drayton Hall, address 1214 College Street, Columbia, SC 29208.


How are residential dancers transported to and from the dance studios?

Dancers will walk all together in a large group with their counselors. We supply ponchos in case of rain, and recommend that dancers carry an umbrella in their dance bags.


What is a typical day like?

Classes begin from around 8am-9am and end around 4pm-5pm Monday through Friday.

Ballet Intensive: classes may include ballet technique, pointe technique, variations, partnering, repertory. They will also take specialty classes in genres such as contemporary, jazz, improvisation, modern, pilates, yoga, character, musical theater, etc.

Jazz & Contemporary Intensive: classes may include jazz technique, contemporary technique, contemporary partnering, improvisation, choreography, musical theater, hip hop, dance team prep, tap, lyrical, progressions, ballet technique, etc.


Do you have any Parent Observation days?

Yes, every Friday we offer parents and guardians to observe classes and join us for lunch. You may drop by anytime that fits your schedule.


Will I be able to see my dancer perform?

Yes, we will hold and end-of-program performance. Attendance is free and we ask that each dancer invite a maximum number of 4 people to make sure there is enough seating for everyone.


What is your discipline policy?

The SC Summer Dance Conservatory maintains a “three strikes” policy for all programs, with the exception of major violations as outlined in our Participation Guidelines, such as being caught drinking alcohol in the dorms.


What is your policy for injuries and illnesses?

Sick or injured dancers will be asked to observe classes for the remainder of that day. A dancer may not pick and choose which classes they feel well enough for. If a residential dancer is contagious they will stay in the dorm with a chaperone. We will notify guardians immediately of any injury or illness and be in contact for care options.



How do I sign my dancer up for housing?

There will be a “residential” option on the registration form. It includes housing on the University of South Carolina campus and all meals.


Does laundry cost?

No, washers and dryers are free to use in all USC dorms.


Will my dancer be chaperoned at all times?

Yes, we have staff who will be assigned small groups of dancers. They will always travel together around campus, to and from the dining hall, to and from the dance building, and to any other walkable locations. Unless your dancer is signed out by an authorized guardian, or is 18 years or older and we have prior written approval from their parent, dancers will always be accompanied by a SC Summer Dance Conservatory staff member.


How does the sign out procedure work?

In order to sign out any participant, we ask that you please email us at least 24 hours in advance and tell us who will be signing out your child, and an approximate time frame we can expect for them to be picked up and dropped off. Please be prepared to show an ID.


If my dancer has a food allergy, who should I tell?

There will be a place on the registration form to provide diet preferences or needs and allergies. You can also email us directly with more explanation if needed and we are happy to accommodate those needs. 


Can dancers pick their roommates?

Yes, dancers may request a specific roommate on the registration form. Both dancers must request each other in order for the request to be accepted. We will do our best to pair dancers together but cannot guarantee it.


How will roommates be assigned?

Dancers will be placed together based on gender and age. Ladies and gentlemen will be separated and we will do our best to place dancers who are most similar in age together.


Where should I send my dancer’s mail or packages?

Please use this address:

SC Summer Dance Conservatory

324 Sumter Street

Attn: Dancer’s Name

Columbia, SC 29208


Is WiFi available in the dorms?

Yes, dancers may use the “uscguest” WiFi in dorms rooms and common areas.